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UK Research Councils
Emergencies fund will need speedy decision-making
Experts have responded positively to Paul Nurse's recommendation of a fund for emergency responses to be administered by the new body Research UK, as part of his review of the Research Councils. However, they highlight the need for flexibility, speed and coordination, attributes which were important in the response to the recent Ebola outbreak.

Research Fortnight    Issue.468  - 25 November 2015 p.4
Councils' independence still under threat
Paul Nurse's review of the UK Research Councils, which reported last week, has provoked concerns among experts about the councils' level of independence in the future. Plans for the creation of a ministerial committee to oversee UK research, and a single accounting officer for all of the Research Councils - who will be the chief executive of new overarching body Research UK - raise questions about the balance of power.

Research Fortnight    Issue.468  - 25 November 2015 p.1, 2
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