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UK Government
BIS to reinstate its 'super civil servant' for science
An internal review at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has led to the decision to hold an open competition for the role of director-general for business and science. The role will replace and expand the remit of the previous role of director-general for knowledge and innovation.

Research Fortnight    Issue.468  - 25 November 2015 p.3
Scientists welcome real terms protection of £4.7bn budget
Scientists have welcomed George Osborne's announcement in this week's Spending Review that the UK's science budget will be protected in real terms for the rest of the parliament. The Chancellor also announced the creation of a £1.5 billion Global Challenges Fund within the science budget, to help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing developing countries around the world.

Financial Times      - 26 November 2015 p.10
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